English Teacher Arrested For Totally Victimizing 16-Year-Male Student By Banging Him

Education | Eric Owens
WGNO screenshot

Is there video? Is a second teacher also involved? Sources say yes!

Rand Paul: Obama Foolishly Letting 'Political Correctness' Influence Ebola Decisions

Politics | Alex Pappas
Sen. Rand Paul speaks during the second day of the 5th annual Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" Policy Conference in Washington

'We really should not underestimate the transmissibility of this'

Christian Preacher Pepper Sprayed On MSU Campus

Education | Christian Datoc
Shawn the Baptist

'I've always been well received. They've always been kind to me'

Selena Gomez's Neckline Knows No Limits [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
(Photo: Tumblr)

And neither does Paris Hilton's


Photo of David Williams

Oregon LEEDing The Way To Break The Timber Certification Monopoly

President, Taxpayers Protection Alliance
The timber from most of the state's forests are excluded from state construction projects.
Photo of Larry Kudlow

None Can Call It Treason: RFK Jr.’s Absurd Attack On The Kochs

Senior Contributor, CNBC
Treason? The Kennedy environmentalist beclowns himself.
Photo of David Lampo

Evangelicals Are Evolving Quickly On Gay Marriage -- And That's A Good Thing

Author, "A Fundamental Freedom"
To this new group, commitment to the gospel means speaking out for equal legal treatment.
Photo of Jerry Rogers

Yet Another Study Confirms GMOs Are Safe, So Why Are Bans Still Spreading?

Founder, Six Degrees Project
The misanthropic and anti-wealth ideology at the heart of the anti-GMO movement
Photo of Rep. Paul Broun
Photo of Dan Epstein

After Holder: Four Things The Next Attorney General Must Address

Executive Director, Cause of Action
Eric Holder's replacement will have to begin the work of de-politicizing the office.
Photo of Robert G. Kaufman

President Obama’s Foreign Policy Audacity Is Beyond Hope

Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University
His 60 Minutes interview, claiming we won in Ukraine, was full to bursting with misrepresentations and naiveté.
Photo of John R. Graham

Medicare Advantage: Mend It, Don't End It

Senior Fellow, Independent Institute
Health savings accounts could help correct the price distortions and fraud in the system.
Photo of Cliff Smith

'You And What Army?' How The Obama Administration Strongarms Congress

FOIA requests are replacing congressional oversight as our main investigative tool. Here's why that's troubling.
Photo of John Jordan

Why I Produced The Obama 'Dating Profile' Ad

Board Member, Hoover Institution
The president has been as disappointing as a bad date.

NYT's Peter Baker: Those Crazy Republicans Are Pretending They Don't Want Obama To Get Shot

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

What a bunch of silly teabaggers

College Thinks It's A Great Idea To Invite A Convicted COP KILLER As Commencement Speaker

Education | Eric Owens

'A reflection of Goddard's individualized and transformational educational model'

Chris Christie Delivers Speech On Fighting Drug Addiction At A Black Church In Newark

Politics | Alex Pappas

'What I'm not willing to reconsider is decriminalization'

This Victoria's Secret Model Is All Sheer Right Now

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Miranda Kerr swimsuit

Says bye-bye to pants

London Parents Give Up First-Born Children For Free Wi-Fi

Tech | Alex Olson

'In pursuit of free bandwidth, people are prepared to do anything'

Chris Christie To Obama: 'We,' Not 'They' Underestimated ISIS. 'You Need To Be Accountable'

Video | Al Weaver

For today's edition of 'President Obama Not Taking Responsibility'

Watch This F-15 Take Out An ISIS Compound With A 'Sniper' Weapon

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'Advanced Targeting Pod' captures precision attack

'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer Has 'Fight Club' Twist

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

And Jennifer Aniston with a sex addiction

Rage Against The Cuisine: Tom Morello Blasts Seattle Cafe For Making Him Wait In Line Like A Commoner

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
NATO Summit March.JPEG

Boor on parade

Bill Burr: 'Women Are Ruining The NFL'

Sports | Kaitlan Collins

'You know what makes women happy? Nothing'

Rep. Elijah Cummings: 'It Was Very Difficult To Sleep Last Night'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Elijah Cummings

A word of advice: Less TV hits, more Tempur-Pedic pillows

Atlanta Cheating Trial Emboldens Testing Foes

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Activists say there are better teaching methods than 'filling in bubbles for a couple hours'

Obamacare Will Cancel Over 50,000 More Plans Before November

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise

Could boost the GOP in several races

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Weed Smokers A 'Pot Quiz'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

They know who Seth is but not The Pope

Trey Gowdy SLAMS Dem Rep. For Blaming Secret Service Issues On Sequestration

US | Al Weaver

'I have some colleagues who are absolutely obsessed with sequestration'

Vermont Gov Praises Planned Parenthood Despite Child Rape Coverups

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

'We should be blessed to live here with a Planned Parenthood that does extraordinary work'

Limbaugh: Remember Neil Munro? He's Still Out There.

US | Al Weaver

'The press corps just jumped all over Neil Munro, but he's still out there, still filing stories'

Facebook's New Targeted Ad Network Follows You Everywhere

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Social network launches huge expansion in targeted advertising

GAO: Obama Admin Needs Congress To Approve Obamacare Insurer Bailout

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise

'Serious concerns with the legality of the Obama administration's plan from the get go'

One Of The Most Stunning Instances Of Bureaucratic Abuse You Will Read About

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

You have to read this to believe it

Ebola Flies Into Dallas

US | Neil Munro

Feds will try to find anyone the patient may have infected since last week

Emily Ratajkowski: Yes, They're Real

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Reveals her big superpower

Krauthammer, George Will, Bret Baier SAVAGE Secret Service Over String Of Mishaps

Politics | Al Weaver

'They should've ordered the fence jumper off their lawn'

Pennsylvania Police Find Explosives During Manhunt

US | Melissa Brown

Police find two pipe bombs in the woods

Methane Emissions From Fracking Plummet

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

But that's not good enough for the EPA

Piers Morgan, Unfortunately, Has A New Job

US | Al Weaver

Look out America, the nation's most reviled Brit is remaining stateside

Admin Loosen Restrictions On Syrian Civilian Deaths

Video | Ben Smith

'Questions have arisen in recent of the use of drones and civilian causalities'

Enormous Freighter Ships Collide In The Suez Canal

Video | Giuseppe Macri


Democrats and Republicans SLAM Secret Service

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos

'You're not taking your job seriously'

Pressure on Holder To Investigate Oklahoma Beheading As Terrorism

Politics | Patrick Howley

'We cannot again let political correctness drive this investigation and prosecution'

Microsoft Brings Back The 'Start' Menu In Windows 10 Unveil

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

First new operating system since poorly received 'Windows 8'

Why Did The Washington Post Remove 'Female' From The White House Breach Story?

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter
White House seen from outside the north lawn fence in Washington

Political correctness?

Obama Has Spent More Time Playing Golf Than In Intel Briefings

Politics | Neil Munro

Nearly 800 HOURS golfing!!!

Hero Mother Makes Ultimate Sacrifice For Unborn Daughter

US | Christian Datoc

'She's a real-life superhero, to be honest with you'

In Upgrade To Security, Secret Service Installs Locks On White House Front Door

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'How much would it cost to lock the front door of the White House?'

Environmentalists Are Actually Hurting Endangered Species Now

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

'Attorneys for the environmental lobby line their pockets'

Memo To Politico: George Wallace Was A Democrat

Politics | Patrick Howley
George Wallace

A member of the Democratic Party

Obama Shows India Prime Minister Washington's MLK Memorial

Politics | Patrick Howley

Modi already saw the bust

Agent That Stopped White House Fence-Jumper Wasn't Even On Duty

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise

'There's no telling how long this guy could have run around if the detail guy hadn't happened to be there'

Ranking Member Leaves Hearing To Do MSNBC Hit

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein


Kim Kardashian And Cara Delevingne Have A 'Secret'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

And it probably involves revealing their secrets

Great White Shark Cannibalism

Video | Ben Smith

Can't we all be friends?

SECRET STUDIES: Secret Service KNEW White House Fence Was Not Secure

Politics | Patrick Howley

'... concerns about the inadequacy of the current White House fence as an outer perimeter for the complex'

Think Tank: Vouchers Have Saved Taxpayers $1.7 Billion

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman knows best

'Taken 3' Frames Liam Neeson For Murder

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

'They'll find you, and they'll stop you'

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Rips Google Over Its 'Digital Colonialism'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'Google is very closely related to the U.S. government'

The Obama Administration Is Blocking Obama From Closing Gitmo

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett

'The president would absolutely like to see more progress'

Mary Landrieu Attacked For Flying 'Private Jets' While Black Community Struggles

Politics | Alex Pappas

Black Republican urges Democrats not to vote for Landrieu

TBS MLB Crew Remake 'Boom Goes The Dynamite'

Sports | Seth Richardson

The playoffs are serious stuff

Senate Dems Turn Guns On Kroger

Guns and Gear | Christian Datoc

Pressuring nation's largest supermarket chain to prohibit firearms in stores

Even NUDE ADULT MODELS Are Now Criticizing Common Core

Education | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/Model Love, Instagram/sexybritneylace, Twistys screenshot

Things have gone really far downhill for Common Core

Adam Levine's Victoria's Secret Model Wife Gets Nude In New Video

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It's the only good part

Naked Woman Involved In Crash

US | Ben Smith

'A naked female was involved in a crash between a semi-truck and school bus in Florida'

Newest Connecticut-Library Employees Look Like No Other

Tech | Christian Datoc
Public Library Robots

'About the height of a toddler, they look like bigger, better-dressed cousins of Buzz Lightyear'

California Poised To Further Restrict Gun Rights

Guns and Gear | Melissa Brown

'This unconstitutional, unaffordable, unproven and unworkable bill'

California Just Made It A Lot Easier For Police To Use Drones

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

'The era of govt. surveillance continues'

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Arrested

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Phelps was taken into custody early Tuesday morning

Some Free Advice For Roger Goodell

Opinion | Marc Sterne

Time for the commish to show some spine and make some heads roll.